Apple and Cheese Tasting -- Saturday, October 13

Please join us tomorrow, Saturday, October 13, from 3-5pm, as we sample cheese and apple combinations expertly crafted by the folks at Eat More Cheese in Belfast.  We'll be there with information about how you can join the apple CSA, too. 

Here's a sampling of what Eat More Cheese has in store for the afternoon:

The Smokehouse apple, with a lightly smoky flavor with hints of straw and a slightly herbal flavor, pairs with Rogue River Blue (Oregon), a seasonal cheese that is wrapped in grape leaves and washed with brandy.  It is also a nice compliment to the nutty, slightly sharp and sweet Cabot Clothbound Cheddar (Vermont).

The juicy, sweet (but not overly so) Nodhead apple pairs with aged Gouda like Beemster XO (The Netherlands).  It is a great compliment to the ash ripened goats milk cheese Sparkplug from North Haven, Maine.  Sparkplug has a interesting texture and the mouthfeel tends to be very "dry", so we find the juicy Nodhead apple balances things out well and is very refreshing.

The Jonathan apple seems to be the perfect pairing for just about any blue cheese.  It has a honey-like flavor that lends itself well to these cheeses.  Its bright flavor also pairs very well with earthy Brie and Camembert varieties.

Eat More Cheese is located at 33C Main Street, Belfast, Maine We hope you can join us!