Tips for picking up your CSA share

Happy Fall. Now that the Labor Day deluge is behind us, it is officially Apple Season. That means that Out on a Limb Apple CSA deliveries will begin the week of September 9th. Here are some tips to make your pick ups go more smoothly:

  • When you arrive at the pick up site, look for a sign-in sheet, and check off your name. That will help us keep track of whom to call in case someone forgets to pick up.
  • At the top of the sign-in sheet there will be a list of the apple varieties in your share that week. The number of varieties will vary from week to week, so make sure that you check the sheet so you don’t miss any.
  • Each variety will be packed in its own paper bag with a label identifying it. We try to pack each variety in a separate box so that you can easily grab one bag from each box. Sometimes, however we have to mix two varieties in a box or the host of the site consolidates the apples into fewer boxes to save space. So when you take the bags, it is important to look at the labels on the bags to make sure that you have only one of each variety.
  • It is a good idea to bring along a tote bag or box to use to carry your apples home. Juggling 10 -12 lbs of apples in small bags can be tricky.
  • For those of you who ordered an Out on a Limb tote bag to carry your apples, it will be waiting for you at the first distribution. There will be a note on the sign-in sheet next to your name to remind you.

Anyone else interested in an OOAL tote bag? Send us a check for $15 and we will ship it to you with your apples.

Apple deliveries will be every two weeks. We will send you a link to our newsletter on Tuesdays to remind you that it is a distribution week and to give you some information about the apples you will find in your share.