Name That Apple

In case you didn't see it in the NY Times last week, John is quoted in an article about an amazing new book called “The Illustrated History of Apples in North America” by fellow apple enthusiast, Dan Bussey.  It is a compendium of the 17,000 apple varieties known to have been grown in North America since the 1600's, and it took Dan over 40 years to compile.  While we don't expect that you will snap up his 3,000 page, seven-volume set for your library, you might enjoy reading about how the book came to be and about the search for heritage apples across the country.  John has been working with Dan on the entries for Maine apples, and he anticipates that the book will be a great help in his efforts to identify the old trees he finds all over Maine.  Maybe next Dan will publish a pocket-size field guide to apples.