2011 CSA Newsletter #5

We are sad for this amazing apple season to end.  Trees that haven't borne fruit in years were loaded with apples this fall.  Consequently our living room and root cellar are filled with fruit of all shapes and sizes that we have found or people have sent us.  As the weather turns colder and the days darker, John may finally find some time to try to identify this mystery bounty.  So far this fall he has rediscovered at least more 10 heirloom varieties that were once valued by farmers and cooks in Maine. Take a peek at our final CSA newsletter of 2011.  Rob will fill you in with his latest pie-off results and his new favorite pastime: Pie Fairy-ing!  Eliza and JP contributed delicious recipes along with two of our CSA members.  Read a little about Super Chilly Farm and lastly, enjoy these keeper apples and feel free to tell us how you liked them.

- the OOAL Crew (John, Cammy, John Paul, Rob, Eliza and Regina)

P.S. John has a new Facebook page for Fedco trees http://www.facebook.com/pages/Fedco-Trees/241068365945239 where he regularly posts apple information so if you are interested in learning more about these unusual and historic fruit, please check it out. Maybe next year OOAL will get its own Facebook page.