If you are a restauranteur or caterer who would like to order unusual apples by the 1/2 bushel or bushel, please contact us at csa.outonalimb@gmail.com.  We can provide you with an ever changing assortment of apples to keep your customers interested and coming back for more. For value-added food processors, we can provide you with larger amounts of both fancy and utility apples, depending on your needs.

We are now offering collections of display apples similar to the one John Bunker shows at the Common Ground Fair.  We can customize these to your needs although the selection of apples will vary by month.  Some possibilities are:

  • apples originating in Maine
  • apples commonly grown in old NE orchards
  • a mix of colors, shapes and sizes to wow your audience
  • famous commercial apples of the past
  • cider apples

Contact us at csa.outonalimb@gmail.com for information on prices and shipping.  We look forward to working with you to develop an interesting and educational display.