From Alton, NH, about 1865. Please don’t confuse this with “Milton”; this is a very different apple. Milden, which is also called Milding, is an all-purpose variety that, generations ago, was grown widely in areas where Baldwin lacked hardiness. It was fairly common in much of Maine. Some years back John received a wonderful letter from 101-year-old Eva Burgess of Sangerville who wrote, “I practically grew up in an apple orchard. My grandfather, Henry Leland, was an orchardist in Piscataquis County....his main apple was Milding.”

A few years ago our Mildens ripened early; we tried a pie with them and found the slices didn’t soften as much as we’d like them to.  Letting them mellow for a few weeks did the trick.   Mildens make a very good, thick sauce. And it keeps remarkably well—an unusual trait for an apple that ripens relatively early.