Spartan is a cross between McIntosh and Newtown Pippinthat was introduced by R.C. Palmer and A.J. Mann at theCanada Department of Agriculture Research Station, Summerland, British Columbia in 1936.  The vigorous tree which bears regularly never became a commercial favorite and is only occasionally found in commercial orchards today.  Perhaps this is because, like its parent McIntosh, it is fairly susceptible to scab.  Where it is grown, it has an enthusiastic following.

The fruit is somewhat similar to McIntosh, but the flavor is greatly enhanced by the Newtown Pippin in its heritage. The medium-sized, dark red fruit has firm, crisp, white, juicy flesh that tastes sugary, like candy, with hints of Red Delicious. It will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth.  Best for fresh eating.  It ripens about the same time as McIntosh and keeps until winter.