Much of recent apple breeding has used Golden Delicious in the cross.  This may be because “Goldens” commonly produce very decent seedlings.  Occasionally they produce truly excellent seedlings, such as Spigold which is a Red Spy - Golden Delicious cross introduced in 1962.  Other popular Golden crosses include Brock, Honeygold, Pristine, Red Baron and Spencer. Although not well known, Spigold quickly becomes a favorite when people try it.  Thefruit is generally large, roundish, and ribbed. The flesh is pure white, crisp, fine-textured, juicy, sweet, and richly flavored. (Wow, what a lot of descriptors.)  This all purpose variety is excellent for eating and cooking.  We recommend it as a dessert fruit.

Note to apple growers: the pollen of Spigold is sterile so don't rely on it to pollinate other varieties.