2013 is the first year we have offered the Whitefield apple in the CSA. It was grown by Austin Moore of Whitefield who is a big fan of the variety.  Austin received this apple many years ago.  It was supposed to be something else, but the nursery (not Fedco!) goofed. When the tree fruited, he found that he liked it despite the mix-up.  He decided to call it Whitefield (the Folk process at work.)  The apple is scab free and ripe right now.  The tree itself has a very weeping habit. We have been busy experimenting with the apple.  The skin seems a bit chewy for fresh eating, but it makes an excellent sauteed apple because it holds its shape well.  We're guessing that it will stand up in pies too.  Not the best for sauce unless you have some time to cook it for while till it gets soft.  We've also cooked it under the broiler on a tortilla and topped with cheese, and gave that the thumbs up as well.

John has been working with Austin to positively identify the variety.  Possibly it is a Noran - not the most inspiring name.  For now, we just call it Whitefield.