Winter Banana

Winter Banana originated on the David Flory farm, Adamsboro, Case County, Indiana about 1876.  Fourteen years later it was introduced by Greening Brothers Nursery in Monroe, Michigan.   It spread rapidly to many colder, apple- growing regions, including Maine. It is one of the better-known heirloom apples in the state, probably because of its bright “banana”-yellow color, its intriguing name and its beautiful red blush. Old timers around central Maine called it Banana Apple or Fall Banana.

The apple is pleasantly firm and juicy. Some people detect a hint of banana in the aroma or taste.  Steve Meyerhans of the Apple Farm thinks the taste is rather bland for fresh eating, but we find it to be refreshing, with a light, sweet flavor. We recommend it as a baking and sauce apple. We baked it in an apple crisp, and the slices stayed firm, so cut the apple into thin slices if you like a softer fruit. It does not have the requisite tartness for pies. Will keep well into the winter.