An all-purpose apple, Burgundy is not well-known, but it has an enthusiastic following among collectors.  It is a cross between the more popular Macoun and the Russian apple, Antonovka, that is used by many grafters as a hardy rootstock. Burgundy was introduced by the NY Agricultural Experiment Station in 1974.

Glowing reports from Aroostook County fruit growers, Steve and Barb Miller, convinced us to put it on trial in Palermo a couple of years ago.   According to Steve, “It reaches out and grabs you!” It’s Barb’s favorite cooking apple. The large 3" fruit are a glossy, purple red. The firm juicy flesh is streaked with rays of red. Burgundy has a strong, distinctive aroma and a pleasantly unique flavor with a tart, zingy aftertaste that awakens your taste buds. Makes an aromatic, well-balanced, early cider and very good sauce.  Stores about two months.