Jonathan is probably an Esopus Spitzenburg seedling that originated in Woodstock, NY about 1800 on the farm of Philip Rick.  It was named for Jonathan Hasbrouck, the first orchardist to popularize it.  The variety gained huge popularity farther south and west but was never grown widely in New England.  Along with Golden Delicious and Cox Orange Pippin, Jonathan is one of the most commonly employed apples in modern breeding.  Many new varieties, such as Jonagold and Prima, have it has a parent. Jonathan is excellent for fresh eating if you catch it when it’s ripe.  It came in second place at the Common Ground Fair Saturday apple tasting a few years ago; fair-goers were impressed.  Jonathan also makes a flavorful, smooth-textured pie.   Be sure to leave the skins on for pink coloring in your pies, sauces and all other apple desserts.