Yellow Bellflower

Yellow Bellflower is an old American apple variety, probably originating in Crosswicks, Burlington County, New Jersey as early as the 17th century. Also known as Belle-Fleur or Yellow Belle-Fleur, its name refers to its beautiful spring bloom and the yellow color of its fruit. Yellow Bellflower has been grown for generations throughout New York and New England, and magnificent, ancient specimens can still be found in old Maine orchards. A few years ago we visited one on North Haven Island that measured nearly 50 feet across. One hundred and fifty years agoA.J. Downing described the apple as “tender, juicy, crisp, sprightly sub-acid.”  We value it as a keeper and always try to have a bushel in our root cellar when the first snow falls.  When we get tired of pies and sauce, it makes a great dried apple that we add to our granola.