Wickson Crab

A cross of Esopus Spitzenburg x Newtown Pippin from Humboldt County, CA, 1944, Wickson was introduced by the unsung and generally unknown Albert Etter, one of the great 20th century plant breeders. His Fairfax strawberry is legendary, usually considered to be the best-flavored strawberry and one of the parents of the beloved Sparkle.

Wickson is recommended for dessert, juice, and as a “sharp” acid source in fermented cider. It has a scrumptious, bold flavor that is way bigger than its size.  Cammy can't get enough of them.  She would be happy with an entire orchard of Wickson trees.  At Cider Days a few years ago we tried a single-varietal Wickson hard cider made by the Oregon cider maker, Wandering Aengus (www.wanderingaengus.com), that knocked our socks off.  Give it a try if you find yourself in the Pacific Northwest. You might not even notice the rain.