Golden Russet

Golden Russet probably originated in the eastern US before 1800. Unfortunately most old-timers referred to the many russeted varieties simply as “Russet”.  Consequently many unique apples have been confused, mixed up and lumped into one “variety”. In fact there are russets of many sizes, shapes, seasons and qualities. Golden Russet is probably the most confused of them all.  For well over 100 years, at least four varieties have been regularly called Golden Russet.  These include American Golden Russet (aka Bullock), English Russet (aka Poughkeepsie), Golden Russet of Western New York, and Hunt Russet. All have beautiful solid, deep yellow, golden-russeted skin and are difficult to tell apart.

The Golden Russet has long been esteemed for cider and dessert. It's dense, sharp flavor seems almost effervescent.  Golden Russets ripens late in fall when the root cellar has finally cooled off and the best cider is ready to be made. It makes what has been called the Champagne of sweet cider: balanced, thick and smooth, and also makes a delicious hard cider.  Golden Russet makes excellent eating, and keeps all winter and well into spring. The round medium-sized hard fruit which is uniform in size and shape, softens as winter progresses but maintains its superior tart-sweet flavor.