This newly introduced variety was developed by the Rutgers Horticultural Research Farm, New Brunswick, New Jersey in 1994.  The intent was almost certainly to create a highly desirable dessert variety since it has Cox Orange Pippin, Golden Delicious, McIntosh and Ben David in its parentage.  While the apple gets good marks on flavor, the apple is prone to developing a lot of russet.  This is often the kiss of death for fruit in the world of commercial orcharding, for while we favor varieties with russeted skin, many growers don't think of it as a desirable trait.  As a result SunCrisp is not widely grown. Fruit shape is conical and slightly ribbed, typically golden yellow with an orange blush.   The flesh is whitish yellow, very firm and juicy.  The flavor is tart at harvest and mellows in storage. One source reports the apple as being good for pies and desserts, apple juice, apple butter, and apple sauce.  We have yet to test it.  Typically stores up to six months.