This late summer apple is a true home-grown Maine variety.  Winekist is one of three apples introduced by the late Morris Towle who lived and collected rare apples in and around Winthrop, ME during the middle of the 20th century. (The other two varieties were named for his daughter: one is called Sweet Sal and the other, Sour Sal!) Though not open to the public, much of his collection still exists in Winthrop.

If you like really tart apples, you'll be a fan of this medium-sized, red-fleshed apple.  Cassie, one of the 2009 OOAL crew, thought it tasted just like cranberries. The skin of the fruit is wine-red with stripes of darker red and very small white dots. The juicy, coarse flesh is almost solid beet-red: a real eye popper!  Many people love it for fresh eating, and it is also a great addition to cider or sauce.  Unfortunately this rare apple is not commercially available (though we hope to change that!).